Oh, the joys of walking in cold weather. Let me first address the fact that I am not a Husky and I don’t dream of frigid temperatures and sheets of ice coating the sidewalks.  Let’s be honest, I’m a little Rat Terrier and although I like my exercise I would MUCH prefer to be cozy and enveloped in a down blanket during this time of year. But, despite my dreams of warmth in front of the forced hot air heating vent, my parents insist on taking me outside…..everyday…..for lots of exercise. Ugh.

Now, not only do I have to concentrate hard to navigate the luge that is my neighborhood, I also get to sport my ever-so-cool blue and white striped sweater with…you guessed it….red pom poms on it. Great.  Just when I think I am gaining respect in my neighborhood as the cool dude, my parents put me in this get-up. And as if it couldn’t be worse, my lil’ sister, Nellie, wears the same one! Fabulous. Anyway…So, here I am, strolling around the ‘hood, lame sweater and all, marking as I go. Then I see it: A rose bush just over the fence, begging to be peed upon. Demonstrating my superior athleticism, I hop the fence with little effort and meander on over to my target. But then it happened. My STUPID sweater gets stuck on the thorns. Seriously? Playing it cool, I look around to make sure none of my doggie pals caught a glimpse of this embarrassing travesty while I waited for my Dad to pluck me free from the thorny bush.

A word of advice: mind yourself when walking in winter while sporting a chic sweater.